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Paella Chef Javier Acosta

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“The simplest things in life, can be the most memorable”. Our personal mission is to provide the best Paella experience for any social event, excellent catering services, quality food, and a price value for all budgets.

We offer quality catering services, courteous staff, professional chefs and bartenders, and love for the Culinary Arts. We would not be able to offer great Paella dishes, without a sincere love and joy for the art of treating your taste buds to a delicious Authentic Spanish treat.

Chef Javier Acosta, born in Havana, Cuba, and raised by humble parents at “Finca del Carmen”, I embraced the love of cooking watching my mother Maria Elena in the kitchen. I simply loved her black beans soup, which my father Isidro cultivated, cared for, and hand-picked. Not to mention, the hand fed pigs, which were destined to be roasted, and pulled off the bone for all special family gatherings. I was a teenager when I made a barbeque grill from metal scraps; which, was used to cook roasted pork, and more pork. I enjoyed being the cook of all the family gatherings, and parties. The effect of food and the family reunions, made cooking all the more enjoyable, and heartwarming. Hence, I was called upon to cook for all the special occasions and social events of my hometown. I began by cooking at home, and delivering to friends and family. I would not miss the most special of occasions, such as Baptism’s, communions, weddings, birthdays, Christmas, New Year’s, Three Kings and any other celebration.

Love of the Culinary Arts continued emerging when I was given the opportunity to study at the “Escuela Nacional De Hoteleria y Turismo del Hotel Sevilla”, which translates to the National School of Hotel and Tourism of Hotel Sevilla. The Cuban Cuisine rooted by Spanish, African, and Caribbean influence, made it so much easier to create infused, delicious palettes for the insatiable food lovers. I remember when I prepared my first paella, which was the most heartwarming experience to feel the satisfaction the guest felt, while enjoying this dish. I spent three memorable years working with many knowledgeable chefs and culinary professionals.

I then took a step forward and moved to the U.S., in Miami, Florida, where I felt I could take my experience to another level. Therefore, I ventured in starting up a family owned catering service with my wife Elizabeth, where we specialize in the famous Paella Valenciana originating in Valencia, Spain. The Spanish Paella was originally a recipe of agricultural laborers in Valencia, and since seafood was rare in the fields, the main ingredient was chicken, rabbit, snail, and duck. Snail was usually common, due to being inexpensive, duck and rabbit for special occasions, and chicken for the well-off. The Paella Dish evolved, and in the 18th Century the dish became upscale, and ingredients such as chorizo were added.

This dish still brings families together from the smallest occasion, to the joining of a couple in marriage. As it was in the earlier days, when the Paella was originally placed on a round table, and eaten directly from the paellera with wooden spoons. We cook on site and cater, and your guests will be served directly from the Paellera for a decadent, tasty, entrée. Today, people continue to gather for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, church gathering, school activities, fund raisers, birthdays, “Quinceaneras”, Sweet Sixteens, corporate meetings, and any social event which is deserving of a celebration. We also provide other Paella dishes, such as Arroz Guajiro Natural, Paella Salpicona, and Paella Reina del Mar. Chicken and rice, Jambalaya, Roasted Pig, BBQ’s, and other dishes specific to your request.

Don’t miss out on the scrumptious appetizers, and the sweet, decadent desserts!

We are truly a blessed family, since we have serviced a variety of clientele from Orlando, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Key West and all of South Florida areas. We extend our gratitude to all our wonderful clients who continue to call on us due to their trust in our catering services and authentic Spanish paella. We look forward to serving you.


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